Institute of Latin American Studies

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John Hemming
December 1, 1990
Julio Carranza Valdes, Luis Gutierrez Urdaneta, and Pedro Monreal and nsled Ruth Pearson
June 1, 1998
Edied Pilar Domingo and Rachel Sieder
September 1, 2001
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George D.E. Philip
December 1, 1984
Edied John Maher
February 28, 2006
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Leslie Bethell
December 31, 1996
Edied Edmund Amann and Ha-Joon Chang
February 1, 2003
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Fernando Lopez-Alves
January 1, 1994
Edied Eduardo Posada-Carbo, and Anthony McFarlane
January 1, 1999
The essays in this volume re-examine, from a number of different angles the process of Independence in Spanish America. The focus is to a large extent on the consequences of the wars of Independence for the newly established republics. However the first section deals with a critical review of the historiography the ‘revolutionary’ nature of Independence and the comparative elements of Independence in the Americas. The remainder of the book examines the development of the wars and the impact that Independence had on political instability culture citizenship and the formation of new nations. In addition to general chapters there are individual chapters devoted to New Granada Venezuela Mexico Chile and Argentina.
Edied Eduardo Posada-Carbo
August 1, 1995