Institute of Latin American Studies

Edited by David James Cantor and Nicolás Rodríguez Serna
April 7, 2017
In Latin America, recent years have seen an unprecedented rise in the number of people forced to flee from their homes due to the activities of organised criminal groups. What are the reasons behind this emerging crisis of forced displacement in the Americas? Who are these criminal groups and how do they operate in Central America, Mexico and Colombia? Who are the victims and how can their needs be met in these violent and insecure contexts? Can law and policy offer a humanitarian response to this crisis? As the first book to deal with this rapidly evolving phenomenon, this innovative collection offers a range of fresh perspectives from leading experts working across Latin America.
Edited by Anthony Hall
May 1, 2000
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Leslie Bethell
May 31, 2018
Edited by Nicolás Rodríguez Serna and David James Cantor
July 30, 2016
Edited by Susan Deans-Smith and Eric Van Young
March 20, 2007
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Salvador Marti Puig and Salvador Marti i Puig
January 8, 2001
Edited by Rebecca Earle
October 10, 2000
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Colin M. Lewis
December 1, 1991
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Edited by Peter Wade
September 3, 2018