Fees 2022-23 to be confirmed, for information on this year's fees please visit Tuition Fees 2021-22.

Fees are set annually and cover registration, tuition, and (in the case of research students) supervision.

Fees are quoted per annum -- that is, you will need to pay at least the fee quoted below for each year of your studies. Please note that tuition fees are subject to annual uplift. The University of London reserves the right to alter or withdraw courses and amend other details without prior notice.

Alumni Discount 
If you hold a degree from the School of Advanced Study or one of its nine institutes, you are eligible for a discount on future courses for your first year of study. If you progress to a further degree without a break, you will receive a 15% discount on your first year of study. If you progress with a break you will receive a 10% discount for your first year of study. Further details are available in the SAS Tuition Fee Policy

SAS Tuition Fee Policy
Students and prospective students are responsible for reading and understanding the SAS Tuition Fee Policy. If you have any questions, please contact the Registry team at sas.registry@sas.ac.uk.