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Introduction to Music in Medieval Manuscripts - Brianne Dolce

This online course offers a brief introduction to medieval music paleography, especially between the ninth and fourteenth centuries. It provides an overview of musical scripts used in medieval Europe, the graphic features that distinguish them, and developments in music writing technologies over the course of the period. By considering various regional notational styles, students will learn how musical notation can aid in situating manuscripts chronologically and geographically. In addition, students will briefly be introduced to resources that can help identify the content of musical manuscripts.

Rather than focusing on the transcription of medieval musical notation, or its semiotic qualities, this course focuses exclusively on its paleographic features. No knowledge of modern musical notation is required, nor is musical experience necessary. In your application, please indicate your previous experience in paleography and codicology.

Dates and times:
23 March, 2pm-5pm GMT
24 March, 2pm-5pm GMT

Standard: £100
Student: £75