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Refugee Law Initiative

14th Annual Seminar Series (2023-24)

This annual series of in-person talks and Q&A, followed by drinks and discussion, will take place each month, alternating between rooms in the University of London and in the Garden Court Chambers. A drinks reception will follow where speakers and other participants can continue the conversations in a more informal and relaxed setting.


Thursday 22nd February 2024, 6pm UK time (IALS)

“Exclusion from protection for refugees and trafficking survivors”

This session discusses recent attempts to exclude asylum-seekers from status, or even determination procedures, based on a raft of factors mostly linked to purported criminality. They include the need for a better understanding of how the rules measuring the criminality threshold for exclusion (set out in s72 NIAA 2002) should be interpreted, and the approach to be taken now to trafficking and modern slavery cases since recent changes in UK law/policy.

Chair:Prof. David Cantor (Refugee Law Initiative)


  • Prof. Sarah Singer (Refugee Law Initiative)
  • Prof. Brad Blitz (University College London)
  • Helen Foot (Garden Court)
  • Gemma Loughran (Garden Court)