Sexuality in Popular Culture

Sexuality in Popular Culture
15 Feb 2017, 16:00 to 15 Feb 2017, 19:00
Room 243, Second Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU

At a time when equal rights campaigns and queer communities across the world are experiencing both unprecedented advances and setbacks, popular culture and media play a prominent role in defining and challenging attitudes to gender and sexuality, with important resonances across the geographical and political spectrum both within and outside the queer community. This workshop will examine how sexuality is mediated through various forms of popular culture, including music (Dr Tom Smith), film (Dr Ina Linge) and graphic narrative (Dr Monalesia Earle), and will explore how works of popular culture relate to the construction of sexual and/or gender identity, the building of queer communities, and the shaping of public opinion.

This interactive workshop is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline, but anyone else interested is very welcome to participate. 


16:00-16:45      'An endless procession of them, from all times': The Making of Queer History in Pop Culture Films (facilitator: Ina Linge)

16:45-17:30      Queer Playlists (facilitator: Tom Smith)

17:30-18:15      Multiple Erasures: The Portrayal of Queer Women of Colour Sexuality in Comics and Graphic Narratives (facilitator: Monalesia Earle)

18:00-19:00      Drinks

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