On the Peak of Darkness: from the Abyss to the Light

On the Peak of Darkness: from the Abyss to the Light
06 Feb 2017, 18:30 to 06 Feb 2017, 19:50
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Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AB

Alessandro Scafi, Warburg Institute John Took, University College London Tabitha Tuckett, University College London

A weekly series of Dante public readings on Mondays from 18.30 to 19.50 in the Spring and Summer terms.

Free; pre-registration not required.


Spring Term

30 January 2017. Introduction: Dante’s life and works; Dante’s universe.

6 February 2017. Inferno, Canto I. The dark wood and wild animals. The appearance of Virgil.

13 February 2017. Inferno, Canto V. The lustful. Paolo and Francesca.

27 February 2017. Inferno, Canto XIII. The suicides. Pier della Vigna

6 March 2017. Inferno, Canto XXVI and XXVII. The evil counsellors. Ulysses and Guido da Montefeltro.

13 March 2017. Inferno, Canto XXXIII. Count Ugolino. Canto XXXIV. Centre of Hell. Lucifer.

20 March 2017. Purgatorio, Canto XVI.58-105; Canto XVII.91-105; Canto XVIII.13-75. The moral structure of Purgatory; the nature of love and its relation to free will.

27 March 2017. Purgatorio, Canto I; Canto II.106-132. Dante and Virgil emerge from the abyss of Hell on the shore of Mount Purgatory. Cato. The ritual of purification. Casella.

Summer Term

8 May 2017. Purgatorio, Canto X.1-45. Canto XI.1-117. The First Cornice: the proud. The Lord’s Prayer; Omberto Aldobrandeschi; Oderisi da Gubbio.

15 May 2017. Purgatorio, Canto XXX. Appearance of Beatrice on the chariot of the Church

22 May 2017. Purgatorio, Canto XXXIII. Beatrice’s prophesies. The final ritual of Dante’s spiritual cleansing. 

5 June 2017. Paradiso, Canto I. Ascent to the heaven of fire.

12 June 2017. Paradiso, Canto III. Heaven of the moon. Piccarda Donati

19 June 2017. Paradiso, Canto XI.Thomas Aquinas.  Francis of Assisi.

26 June 2017. Paradiso, Canto XVII. Heaven of Mars. Cacciaguida.

3 July 2017. Paradiso, Canto XXXIII. The Empyrean. The vision of the Trinity.




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