3rd PLM MASTERCLASS with Timothy Williamson

3rd PLM MASTERCLASS  with Timothy Williamson
18 November 2016, 10.00am - 19 November 2016, 5.00pm
Research Training
Room 234, Second Floor, Senate House, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HU


Friday 18/11/2016, Room 234, Senate House

10.30-11.40     Thomas Atkinson (Liverpool)

‘Modal Scepticism and the Consequence Fallacy’

11.50-13.00     Bartłomiej Czajka (Logos-Barcelona)

‘Is the Scrambled Brain Argument Dangerous for Internalist Justification?’

 13.00-14.00     Sandwich Lunch at the Institute of Philosophy

 14.00-15.10     Zuzana Gnatek (Dublin)

Object Dependency in Williamson's Deductive Argument for Necessitism’

15.20-16.30     Josh Hagbood-Coote (St Andrews)

‘Knowledge How, Abilities and Questions'

 16.30-17.00     Coffee Break


Plenary Lecture, Room 349, Senate House


17.00-18.30  Timothy Williamson (Oxford):

                     ‘Counterfactuals and the Epistemology of Modality’


Saturday 19/11/2016, Room 234, Senate House

 10.00-11.10     Greg Lauro (UC Irvine)

‘Williamson and the Modalized Geach-Kaplan'

  11.20-12.30     Mona Simionescu (Leuven/St Andrews)

‘Assertion, Context and the KK Strategy’

 12.30-13.30     Sandwich Lunch at the Institute of Philosophy

 13.30-14.10     Cosim Sayid (CUNY-Graduate Centre)

‘Knowledge of Necessary Truths and its Limits?’

 14.20-15.30     Mohamed Najub (Jean Nicod, Paris)

‘Action and Justification'

 15.30-15.45     Coffee Break

 16.00-17.15     Ravi Thakral (St Andrews)

‘Knowledge of Normativity’


If you are a graduate student interested in attending the Masterclass as an observer, please email IP@sas.ac.uk to register. Places are free of charge but limited.

 For more information about PLM, please visit: http://www.illc.uva.nl/PLM/



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