Opening Doors | Moving Ideas

Opening Doors | Moving Ideas
25 May 2018, 10.00am - 4.15pm
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Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AB


10.00 Registration and tea (Common Room)

Morning session for potential students

10.15   Welcome; Why choose the Warburg? - Bill Sherman, Director, Warburg Institute       

10.30  Talks about our MA courses and PhD programme 

MA Art History, Curatorship and Renaissance Culture – Michelle O’Malley and Caroline Campbell (National Gallery) 

The MA is designed to build a new generation of academic curators and art historians. Drawing on the expertise of National Gallery Curators and Warburg scholars, the MA offers hands-on projects in catalogue-writing and exhibition planning as well as grounding in the scholarship and language training necessary for developing curatorial skills and further PhD research.

MA Cultural and Intellectual History – Alessandro Scafi

The MA equips students with the fundamental skills for interdisciplinary research in the reception of the classical tradition. Focussing on the interpretation of images and texts concerning late medieval and early modern European history of art, philosophy, science, literature, religion and society, the MA offers training in Latin and a European language essential for independent study and PhD research.

PhD – Mick O’Malley and John Tresch


11.15   The experience of studying at the Warburg

Emma Stevenson (current student - MA in Cultural and Intellectual History)

Javier Vicente Arenas (current student - MA in Art History)

Lorenza Gay (recent PhD student)

11.45   Question and answer session

12.00   Lunch with Warburg staff and students (Common Room)

Afternoon session for all

13.00   Welcome - Claudia Wedepohl, Archivist

13.05   Film: “Aby Warburg Metamorphosis and Memory”

From his early studies on the early Italian Renaissance to his ventures in the American Southwest observing Hopi and Zuni ritual dances in 1895, Aby Warburg sought the legacy of ancient Greece in the images and symbols of cultures, which he followed through iconographic studies that he pioneered. He sought connections between gesture and art in antiquity, the Renaissance and modern times. Underneath the seeming rationality of antiquity and the Renaissance, he sensed conflict and irrationality. This documentary on the life and work of Aby Warburg, traces the development of his ideas in their historical context.

14.10   Tours (remain in Lecture Room at 14.10 to join tours)



Photographic Collection


15.40   Interdisciplinary research at the Warburg

Final discussion with refreshments

16.15   Close

All sessions are held in the Lecture Room (Ground Floor) unless otherwise indicated above



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