The Socialisation and Specialisation of Workshop Labour at the Charterhouse of Champmol

The Socialisation and Specialisation of Workshop Labour at the Charterhouse of Champmol
21 March 2018, 5.30pm - 7.30pm
Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London WC1H 0AB

Speaker: Andy Murray, Open University

Re-opening the Workshop: Medieval to Early Modern - Lecture Series

Workshop and workshop practices represent a core and dynamic research strand in the history of art. This strand encompasses the study of canonical artists but equally of the anonymous producers whose activities can be deduced from the surviving art objects, thanks to ever developing research questions and methodologies. This topic helps us to think about the agents and their networks (artists, patrons and other market consumers), objects and socio-economic factors (making, buying and trading) as well as the broader cultural issues of the transmission of skills and ideas (the movement of artists, objects and imagery). Our lecture series brings together leading experts in medieval and early modern historical periods in and beyond Europe, particular highpoints for the study of workshop practices, and also those researching workshop continuities and changes in later centuries, including digital mediation.

The aim of our lecture series on the artistic workshop is to speak to an interdisciplinary audience who are interested in thinking about issues such as agency and the commission, production and the use of art works and objects in the widest possible sense as well as those attuned to the theoretical implications these issues have for visual and material culture of all ages/periods. The lecture series will be free and open to a wide public. It will also constitute an important element for our students on postgraduate programmes.  

Co-organisers: Joanne Anderson and Eckart Marchand

Lecture Series supported by the University of London Coffin Trust Fund


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