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This workshop will explore the contemporary role of the Global Refugee Regime in Africa. It is linked to the launch of a new Special Issue of the Refugee Survey Quarterly on this issue, with several of the authors presenting their work. The workshop will investigate the role of regional frameworks, international influence and ‘new’ regionalism (role of organisations and cross-border movement/mobility). It will also act as a foundation for further exploration and discussion on key themes in later sessions.

Questions to be investigated:

  • What is the relevance of the Global Refugee Regime in Africa today?
  • How do we understand ‘regional’ in the context of global initiatives like the Global Compact on Refugees?
  • What role does mobility play in protection for refugees and former refugees on the continent?

More information about the Refocus: An Online Summer Forced Migration in Africa Workshop Series can be found on the RLI website.

This year’s programme comprises of four webinars over four weeks in April 2024. Each webinar will tackle key and emerging topics related to this year’s theme, Forced Migration and Regionalism in Africa today. In terms of format, a number of invited experts will speak each week, with time for Q/A’s from the audience after the presentations.

You can download the preliminary programme here.