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Dr Kadija George (Institute of English Studies / ECR Fellow): 'Collecting Qualitative Data on Black British Magazines: 1990-1999'

The objective of my ECR Inclusion, Participation and Engagement Fellowship at SAS was to collect qualitative data using a public collective interview method to research Black British Magazines between 1990–1999.

Publishers of Candace, a women’s magazine, Pride, a lifestyle magazine, and The Alarm, a community activist magazine, were invited to share their experiences on the operations of their publishing companies and the publishing and cultural environment of the time. They also shared their knowledge on the social and cultural history of Black Britons during this period, as expressed through their magazines.

Experimentation of the methodology, as well as collecting the narratives were equally important to the research project, therefore this presentation will include an explanation of the rationale of the research and an examination of the public collective interview method.

The Book and Print Initiative unites the study of printed material as a physical object with the information it contains and its influence on society. Rejecting the conventional limits of ‘text and image’, its inclusive remit spans artefacts of bindings to zoological illustrations.

The Book and Print Initiative’s directors are Tansy Barton (Senate House Library), Raphaële Mouren (British School at Rome & Warburg Institute), and Elizabeth Savage (Institute of English Studies).