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With Dr Claudia Daniotti (Warwick), Prof. Louise Bourdua (Warwick), and Prof. Jill Kraye (Warburg).
This event will celebrate the publication of Claudia Daniotti’s Reinventing Alexander: Myth, Legend, History in Renaissance Italian Art (Brepols). The book provides the first comprehensive study of the representation of Alexander the Great in Renaissance Italian Art, exploring a fundamental turning point in the tradition: the transition from the medieval imagery of Alexander as a legendary fairy-tale hero to the new historically grounded portrait of him as an example of moral virtue and military prowess. 
By discussing a body of artworks from 1160s to 1560s spanning several media, and researching this material in constant dialogue with the literary tradition, this book offers a reassessment of the whole visual tradition of Alexander in Renaissance Italy, making sense of a figurative repertoire often perceived as fragmentary and disparate, and casting new light on an overall still neglected chapter in the posthumous life of Alexander. 
Louise Bourdua and Jill Kraye will present and discuss the book with the author.   

Wine reception to follow.