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Do you want to learn how to build digital reconstructions of historical buildings, monuments or archeological sites? Are you interested in how 3D printing can be useful for cultural heritage?

In this short, in-person workshop, we will introduce you to Sketchup, an easy-to-use tool for building architectural or other models. Through a mix of online videos to watch in advance, and an in-person session on Wednesday, we will practise reconstructing a ruined building from Pompeii, following the archaeological reports, dimensions and drawings. We will also discuss the connection between 3D modelling and printing, and walk through the steps to 3D print a model from Sketchup. 

You will have the opportunity to apply these skills to your own research interest or project, and receive feedback from the tutors in the live sessions.

Cost: £50 standard / £25 unwaged or unfunded

Tutors: Gabriel Bodard, Ke Zhao & Michael Donnay (University of London)