Public Engagement Forum Overview

The SAS Public Engagement Forum is held once a term and is open to all professional services and academic staff across SAS and Senate House Library. Those in the University of London who work closely with these departments are also invited to attend.

The SAS Public Engagement Forum is currently on pause, with details for 2022-2023 still to be confirmed. 

If you would like to receive details about the next Forum please email and we will keep you in the loop.

Forum Objectives

The forum was created for a variety of reasons, namely to: 

  • Discuss public engagement activity that is taking place across the School's Institutes, its libraries, and Senate House Library, and how this can be supported by fellow colleagues. 
  • Promote further public engagement activity across the organisations, especially highlighting opportunities for funding, further training etc. 
  • Create a space to discuss best practice in public engagement with research, in order to develop the skill set and knowledge of colleagues in the area. 
  • Foster positive working relationships with colleagues, providing a space for staff to make connections, learn from each other and be inspired.


The forum has developed organically since its conception, but in general it is chaired by the Public Engagement Manager and follows the following structure: 

  1. Public Engagement team provide updates and news on wider public engagement landscape and specific aspects that impact SAS and SHL.
  2. Guest speaker gives a presentation on an activity/subject area which provides the general theme of conversation for that particular forum. 
  3. Attendees discuss topics raised by the presentation and ask speaker any questions. 
  4. General discussion amongst attendees; sharing news, current and upcoming activities and any general questions they have for the team. 

After the forum, any useful links, documents and agreed action points are circulated via email to attendees. Attendees are also encouraged to contact the public engagement team in-between forums with any questions they have or ideas for future forum topics. 

Examples of previous forum topics include: