Our staff undertake research on a very wide range of topics in the humanities and social sciences. Descriptions can be accessed in four different ways: browsing by name of institute, centre, or initiative; browsing by discipline and subject area; searching our Directory of Research and Expertise; or by viewing the list of the School's research support projects. 

Our staff undertake research on a very wide range of topics in order to extend the boundaries of knowledge across disciplines and in collaboration with researchers from around the world is critical to the School’s function as an innovative space for advanced study and its commitment to the highest standards of scholarship.

Here, you can see some of the case studies of research undertaken by academics at the School and its institutes.

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Commonwealth Oral History Project

Commonwealth Oral History Project

Research Spotlight: The Commonwealth Oral Histories Project
Research Spotlight: The Commonwealth Oral History Project

The aim of this AHRC-funded project is to produce a unique digital resource on the history of the Commonwealth since 1965. When completed, it will include more than 60 interviews with a wide range of leading figures in Commonwealth history, including politicians, diplomats and civil servants. For more information, visit the project website at commonwealthoralhistories.org.


Our academic staff are research-active experts in their fields who are challenging and extending the boundaries of the humanities and social sciences.

In the interests of our research facilitation and promotion remit, we encourage our academic staff to engage with external partners and organisations on a consultancy basis when they have the resources and time to do so. Staff available for consultancy work have indicated this in their profiles, which can be accessed here: Consultancy

Please note that all consultancy work will be formalised though a written agreement with the School of Advanced Study.

For further information on a specific research area, please contact the relevant member of our academic staff. For other guidance, please contact the Research Office at research@london.ac.uk