Julia Ribeiro SC Thomaz specialises in French poetry of the First World War. Her work sits at the intersection between Literature, History, Anthropology and the Digital Humanities. She received her PhD in French Literature from the Université Paris Nanterre in 2023. During her doctorate, she helped build the Poésie Grande Guerre relational database, which explores the links between poets’ biographies, their wartime experience and their literary production. She discovered nearly 700 poets under fire (those who were present in one of the fighting fronts during the Great War), who published over 450 collections.

While her thesis analysed this new corpus based on the functions and uses of poetry during the conflict, her fellowship is dedicated to digitally exploring these poems. She aims to combine Poésie Grande Guerre’s data, textometrical analysis and data-driven text mining to identify patterns capable of shedding light on the relation between war and poetry.

She is still an active collaborator of Poésie Grande Guerre and a committee member in numerous research associations such as Une Plus Grande Guerre, the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France and the International Society for First World War Studies. She has published in the Journal of War and Culture Studies, Matériaux pour l’Histoire de Notre Temps and French Studies Bulletin. Her other research interests include representations of warfare in heavy metal, Roger Bastide’s life and work and pen and paper during the First World War.