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Practitioner in Residence

The Digital Humanities Research Hub occasionally has the opportunity to host a practitioner in residence.

Digital Humanities Practitioner in Residence

Applications for this scheme are now closed for 2023.

The Digital Humanities Research Hub has an opportunity for a practitioner interested in collaborating with researchers and technical specialists working at the intersection of digital technology and humanistic inquiry. We are particularly keen to host a practitioner with interests in areas such as 3D imaging, modelling and printing; cultural heritage, including born-digital material; data visualisation; virtual and/or augmented reality; or the environmental impacts of digital technology.

We would welcome applications from those working in cultural heritage, the visual or performing arts, technology or the creative industries. Applications with an element of community or public engagement are particularly welcome, as are ones that might make use of the Senate House MakerSpace, which contains technology for 3D modelling, 3D printing, video editing, scanning and digitisation, and computer programming. We are looking to encourage innovative, imaginative, and boundary-crossing work which further develops digital humanities practice, broadly understood.

The practitioner will be in residence with the Hub from May to July 2023 and receive a stipend of £1000 per month.

The multi-disciplinary team in the Digital Humanities Research Hub includes academics with strong connections to subject areas including Classics, English, History and Modern Languages and Cultures, as well as practitioners and researchers from technical backgrounds. The Hub’s strengths include digital approaches to text, digital pedagogy, web archiving, and digital methods for cultural heritage. There is also developing interest in creative-critical work that makes use of the facilities in the Senate House MakerSpace. The Hub is an integral part of the School of Advanced Study, which promotes interdisciplinary work in the humanities across the UK.

The practitioner will be supported to develop their own practice, explore connections and share their work with different audiences. The School of Advanced Study will be appointing Practitioners in Residence across all Institutes and Hubs, building a community of practitioners who will interact and provide peer-to-peer mentoring amongst the cohort. It is anticipated that the practitioner will participate in and contribute to the academic life of the Hub and the School. They will receive support from the Hub’s staff, with opportunities for mentoring as appropriate.

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