Digital Humanities Fellowships

The DHRH welcomes visiting research fellows, open to scholars and practitioners in digital humanities and related fields who are based both in the UK and abroad. The Hub also appoints other fellows, such as Practitioners in Residence

The DHRH runs two fellowship schemes: ongoing non-stipendiary visiting research fellowships and a funded, annual Practitioner in Residence scheme.

Visiting research fellowships, usually for a period of between 3 and 12 months, are open to scholars and practitioners in digital humanities and related fields in the UK and abroad. Visiting fellows have access to the libraries and other resources of the School of Advanced Study and will be part of the vibrant DHRH community for the duration of their stay. This can include giving and attending talks and research training events at the School or elsewhere in the UK, convening sessions of the Digital Humanities Reading Group, or contributing in other ways. Fellows will be asked to write a brief report at the end of their fellowship, detailing their experience.

The Practitioner in Residence scheme provides an opportunity for a practitioner interested in collaborating with researchers and technical specialists working at the intersection of digital technology and humanistic inquiry. It is open to professionals working in cultural heritage, the visual or performing arts, technology or the creative industries. The Practitioner will participate in and contribute to the academic life of the Hub and the School, while developing creative work or their professional practice.

Current Fellows

Ke Zhao

Visiting Postgraduate Research Fellow

Former Fellows