Services for Disabled Students

The School of Advanced Study aims to enable all students to study at a level commensurate with their abilities and is developing its services in order to promote inclusion across the School.  The School has nearly 300 students registered each year, with approximately 5% declaring disabilities.  Lecture and seminar sizes are relatively small, and each of the nine Institutes in the School functions fairly independently, so that people know and support each other.

Due to the School’s small size we do not have an internal specialist disability co-ordinator, instead support is provided by Equality Focus who work closely with the School. Equality Focus can be contacted at or by calling Katie 07971 511146.

All disabled students will be contacted by Equality Focus on acceptance to the School of Advanced Study. Applicants are invited to contact Equality Focus earlier if they would like to discuss any concerns or support needs they may have prior to this.