The Afterlife of Plutarch

Edited by John North and Peter Mack

Plutarch has been widely admired from the time
of writing to the present day. Many of his works have survived and have been
endlessly reproduced. They have had a powerful influence on famous writers,
thinkers, and artists. This volume publishes papers delivered at
a conference on the ‘Afterlife of Plutarch’, which was among the first in the
joint Warburg Institute and Institute of Classical Studies series on the
afterlife of the Classics. Ranging from Syriac, Byzantine, and Renaissance interest in
Plutarch, they also explore his remarkable popularity and influence from the
sixteenth through to the nineteenth century, as well as the decline of his reputation
as a major historical authority which preceded the recent resurgence of
interest in his writings. The papers thus reflect the widespread
and enduring admiration for Plutarch across the centuries, as well as some of
the dramatic twists and turns in his reception history.

Published date: 
30 November 2017

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