University of London and EU Referendum result

Monday 27 June 2016

As a globally connected university, the University of London has a long tradition of welcoming students and staff from the European Union and across the world.

The outcome of the referendum will not alter this and we will continue to welcome students, staff and visitors from the EU and beyond. There will be no immediate impact on the immigration status of any applicant, student or staff member of the university.

At this stage it is impossible to gauge the longer term impact of the outcome of our EU connections in the fields of research or other collaborations. It is likely that there will be a two-year negotiation process between the UK and the other member states, during which time the terms of the UK's exit will be determined.

We will also be completely committed to working with other universities and with national bodies to do all we can to ensure continued interaction with Europe as fully as possible in the challenging times ahead.

Any EU students for programmes in the School of Advanced Study in London or at the University of London Institute in Paris who are already enrolled or plan to enrol for study in 2016/17 will be able to do so on the basis of the current terms, fee levels and access to financial support that are in place.  Students on International Programmes offered by the University of London are unaffected by the referendum result.

As more information becomes available, this will be communicated via the website.