School of Advanced Study wins prestigious Mellon Foundation Award

Saturday 20 September 2008

The School of Advanced Study at the University of London is pleased to announce that is has been awarded a Sawyer Seminar grant from the prestigious Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for a Comparative Study of Cultures seminar series.

The Mellon Foundation's Sawyer Seminars program was established in 1994 to provide support for comparative research on the historical and cultural sources of contemporary developments. 

Despite Biblical injunctions to love our neighbours as ourselves, history is replete with examples of neighbours killing neighbours. The School’s seminar series will explore the causes and consequences of neighbourly atrocities across history, cultures, and continents – from republican Rome to Kenya’s Rift Valley. It seeks to answer two overarching and inter-related questions: What turns neighbour against neighbour? How do neighbours live together again after atrocity?

The seminars will bring together all ten Institutes in the School of Advanced Study, with their formidable, international research networks, as well as a range of distinguished British and international scholars, to investigate neighbourly atrocities from an extensive range of thematic, disciplinary, methodological, geographic, and temporal perspectives.

The seminar series will be held during 2009-2010 and will comprise two one-day conferences and a series of ten half-day seminars, which will include formal presentations, responses and round-table discussions. It will be supported by a dedicated webpage providing access to conference and seminar papers. The seminar series will be open to the public and is expected to attract faculty, researchers and graduate students from around the UK, as well as policymakers and practitioners working in the areas of conflict, conflict-prevention, and post-conflict recovery.

The Sawyer Seminar series will be led by James Manor (Emeka Anyaoku Professor of Commonwealth Studies), Rachel Sieder (Senior Lecturer in Latin American Politics) and Lars Waldorf (Director, Centre for International Human Rights).

For more information, please contact the Dean’s Office, School of Advanced Study on 020 7862 8659 /

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