SAS in the media

Newly declassified 1961 cable again raises Dr Susan Williams’s question, Who Killed Hammarskjöld?

Friday 4 April 2014
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
A newly declassified 1961 cable, sent to Washington by the US ambassador to the Congo, claims that UN secretary general, Dag Hammarskjöld’s aircraft could have been shot down by a Belgian mercenary pilot. This new evidence supplements the work of Dr Susan Williams , Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies , who told the Guardian that the cable shows the ‘ambassador thought it credible that the plane had been shot down by a mercenary pilot’. Read the article here

'Don’t let human rights fall to wayside in fracking debate' says Dr Damien Short on The Conversation website

Monday 24 March 2014
Human Rights Consortium
In his co-written article with Karen Hulme and Steffen Böhm of the University of Essex, Damien Short investigates the various aspects in the current fracking debate, from the energy debate and impact of fracking on the quality of life of local communities, to the underlying human rights issues. Dr Damien Short is Director of the Human Rights Consortium and Senior Lecturer in Human Rights. Read the article here

Dr Sue Onslow presents essay on BBC Radio 3

Monday 10 March 2014
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
Dr Sue Onslow , senior research fellow at the  Institute of Commonwealth Studies , has presented an essay on BBC 3 Radio's The Essay show, which coincided with Commonwealth Day. Sue looked at the history of the Commonwealth and its web of committees and forums. Listen to the essay on the BBC Radio 3 website

Being Human festival mentioned in Times Higher Education magazine

Thursday 20 February 2014
School of Advanced Study
The funding call for Being Human festival 2014 has received a small mention on page 15 of this week's  THE magazine (20-26 Feb 2014, issue no 2,140). The festival will take place from 15-23 November, with funding on offer for events ranging from talks, debates, and exhibitions, to installations and hackathons.

Prof Colin Blakemore guest on BBC Radio Oxford's Bill Heine show

Monday 17 February 2014
Institute of Philosophy
Professor Colin Blakemore , Director of the Institute of Philosophy's Centre for the Study of the Senses, was a guest on Sunday's Bill Heine show on BBC Radio Oxford. The interview was ahead of Colin's evening at the BAFTAS with nominated documentary Tim's Vermeer . Listen to the programme on the BBC website  (43.50).

New IHR project 'Digging into Linked Parliamentary Data' discussed on

Thursday 13 February 2014
Institute of Historical Research
The Institute of Historical Research has recently won a share of more than £3m worth of grant funding for its project 'Digging into Linked Parliamentary Data.'  Dr Jane Winters, reader in digital humanities at the Institute, and one of the project’s principal investigators, has spoken to about the project's aims. Read the interview on the website

Prof Charles Burnett presents essay on BBC Radio 3

Wednesday 12 February 2014
Warburg Institute
Professor Charles Burnett from The Warburg Institute talked about the ideas of the philosopher, Ibn Rushd - also widely known as Averroes – on Tuesday evening. Ibn Rushd was born in Cordoba in the twelfth century and was prolific in his studies which were wide ranging. Some of his ideas were seen as controversial among Muslim scholars and he has been called the founding father of secular thought in Western Europe. Listen to the essay on the BBC Radio 3 website.