SAS in the media

Professor Philip Murphy comments on 'Prince Charles's Hitler-Putin gaffe'

Monday 26 May 2014
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
During his recent trip to Canada, Prince Charles compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler. A collection of comments, including one by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies' Professor Philip Murphy , can be found on the Guardian website. Read the comments here

Being Human: a festival of the humanities mentioned in THE magazine

Thursday 22 May 2014
School of Advanced Study
Being Human: a festival of the humanities (led by the School and supported by the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the British Academy) has been mentioned in the latest Times Higher Education magazine (22-28 May 2014, issue no 2,153). Swansea University's project "Rediscovering Dylan"  received a special mention on p.15.

Book by Dr Susan Williams influences commission report on the plane crash that killed then-U.N. chief Dag Hammarskjöld

Monday 19 May 2014
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, the United Nations is considering reopening its investigation into the mysterious 1961 plane crash that killed then-U.N. chief Dag Hammarskjöld after new evidence of possible foul play emerged. The so-called Hammarskjöld report, which based many of its findings on Dr Susan Williams 's book Who Killed Hammarskjöld?

Professor Barry Smith comments on a recent study of the top 40 scents

Tuesday 13 May 2014
Institute of Philosophy
A study commissioned by Disneyland Paris questioned 2,000 adults on their most memorable smells. According to Professor Barry Smith, director of the Institute of Philosophy  and co-director of the institute's Centre for the Study of the Senses, 'the top 40 scents show a wide array of things that awaken our senses and stay with us for the rest of our lives. They show the pleasure we take in experiencing smells and the powerful emotions they evoke.' Some of the smells mentioned were sun cream, bubble gum and rain on hot Tarmac. Read the article online

SAS included twice in Times Higher Education's first May 2014 issue

Thursday 1 May 2014
School of Advanced Study
The School has been mentioned twice in this week's THE magazine (1-7 May 2014, issue no 2,150). The most recent appointments of Andrew Hussey , Philip Murphy , and Elaine Walters can be found in the Appointments section on page 26. Colin Blakemore, Director of the Institute of Philosophy's Centre for the Study of the Senses, receives a mention in the magazine's cover story on animal research on page 37. Read the article online

Rembrandt Duits reviews the National Gallery's exhibition 'Building the Picture' on The Conversation website

Thursday 1 May 2014
Warburg Institute
Dr Rembrandt Duits , Deputy Curator (Photographic Collection) at the Warburg Institute , reviews the National Gallery’s latest exhibition, Building the Picture , which focuses on paintings from the Italian Renaissance that include forms of architecture in their setting – from porticos and arches to churches and palaces, or entire townscapes.  Read the article here

The Arditti Quartet featured on BBC Radio 3's Music Matters programme

Saturday 19 April 2014
Institute of Musical Research
The BBC Radio 3 programme Music Matters celebrated the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Arditti Quartet on their show on Saturday 19 April. The programme used an extract from Dr Paul Archbold's  ( Institute of Musical Research ) film 'Climbing a Mountain' and referred to the Arditti videos on the SAS YouTube channel . Listen to the show on the BBC website

Cultural Contexts Research Fellow Dr Michael Eades interviewed by Research Fortnight

Wednesday 9 April 2014
School of Advanced Study
Dr Michael Eades , who was coordinator of the Bloomsbury Festival Cultural Engagement Project and is now curating Being Human: a festival of the humanities , has been interviewed by  Research Fortnight on his experience of working on research-based festivals. Read the interview on the Research Fortnight website

Newly declassified 1961 cable again raises Dr Susan Williams’s question, Who Killed Hammarskjöld?

Friday 4 April 2014
Institute of Commonwealth Studies
A newly declassified 1961 cable, sent to Washington by the US ambassador to the Congo, claims that UN secretary general, Dag Hammarskjöld’s aircraft could have been shot down by a Belgian mercenary pilot. This new evidence supplements the work of Dr Susan Williams , Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies , who told the Guardian that the cable shows the ‘ambassador thought it credible that the plane had been shot down by a mercenary pilot’. Read the article here

'Don’t let human rights fall to wayside in fracking debate' says Dr Damien Short on The Conversation website

Monday 24 March 2014
Human Rights Consortium
In his co-written article with Karen Hulme and Steffen Böhm of the University of Essex, Damien Short investigates the various aspects in the current fracking debate, from the energy debate and impact of fracking on the quality of life of local communities, to the underlying human rights issues. Dr Damien Short is Director of the Human Rights Consortium and Senior Lecturer in Human Rights. Read the article here