Registrations now open for the 81st Anglo-American Conference of Historians on Ancients and Moderns

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Ancients and Moderns conference postcard image5-6 July
Senate House

Registrations are now open for the 2012 Anglo-American Conference of Historians, the flagship event of the Institute of Historical Research. This year the conference will be held on the theme of Ancients and Moderns.

With the Olympics upon us in the UK it seems an appropriate moment to think more broadly about the ways in which the classical world resonates in our own times, and how successive epochs of modernity since the Renaissance have situated themselves in relation to the various ancient civilisations. From political theory to aesthetics, across the arts of war and of peace, to concepts of education, family, gender, race and slavery, it is hard to think of a facet of the last millennium which has not been informed by the ancient past and through a range of media, including museums, painting, poetry, film and the built environment.

For the 81st Anglo-American conference the Institute of Historical Research is joining with the Institute of Classical Studies to showcase the full extent of work on classical receptions, welcoming not only those scholars who work on Roman, Greek and Judaeo-Christian legacies and influences, but also historians of the ancient kingdoms and empires of Asia and pre-Colombian America.

Plenary lecturers include: Paul Cartledge (Cambridge), Constanze Güthenke (Princeton), Mark Lewis (Stanford), Sanjay Subrahmanyam (UCLA) and David Womersley (Oxford).

For programme and registrations details, please visit the conference webpages or contact the IHR Events Office at or on 0207 862 8756.