Professor Barry Smith comments on the philosophy of good taste and the importance of our sense of smell

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Professor Barry C Smith, Director of the Institute of Philosophy and Leadership Fellow for the AHRC Science in Culture Theme has been featured in A History of Ideas, a new BBC Radio 4 series with Melyvn Bragg. In the first programme: What is Beauty? four thinkers discussed their answers and the next day (18 November), Professor Smith spoke on the Philosophy of Good Taste, exploring David Hume’s theory of good taste. The 18th-century philosopher argued that it required dedication, knowledge and expertise to appreciate beauty. A History of Ideas is part of a series of week-long programmes involving leading thinkers from Philosophy, Science, Theology and the Arts. Professor Smith has also been featured in the media highlighting the importance of our sense of smell in the print edition of Waitrose Weekend (13 November), and in Harpers, which covered him speaking at the opening of the global Wine Vision conference, where he said experiments reveal that smell and colour, as well as sound, create an expectation about a wine’s taste before it is even tasted.

Listen to the programme on the BBC 4 website

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