Higher education sector inquiry into racial harassment: take the survey

Tuesday 15 January 2019

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has launched a formal inquiry into racial harassment of staff and students in publicly funded higher education institutions (HEIs) in England, Scotland and Wales. The inquiry will look at how easy and effective the routes for reporting racial harassment are in HEIs and how effectively reports are dealt with. In order to assess this, the inquiry wants to hear from all HEI staff and students who have experienced, witnessed, or helped in an incident of racial harassment since September 2015. 

The University of London (UoL) strongly encourages all staff and students who fall into this category to comply with this request by the deadline of Friday, 15 February 2019.

Complete the racial harassment survey for staff (click for link to Smart Survey)


Complete the racial harassment survey for students (click for link to Smart Survey)

UoL will also be complying with a request from the EHRC to provide information about the processes we have in place to deal with such incidents as part of the same survey.

The EHRC aims to publish its report in autumn 2019.