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Digital Humanities Research Hub


The Senate House MakerSpace facilitates knowledge exchange, capacity building and training.

The MakerSpace is a shared space for digitisation and experimentation. Located in Senate House, it provides facilities for knowledge exchange, capacity building and training within and beyond the School of Advanced Study. Building on longstanding interest across the School in modelling cultural heritage objects and experimenting with 3D technologies, the MakerSpace offers a space for researchers, staff, students and the public to engage with material culture in new and exciting ways.

Through the MakerSpace, the Hub aims to provide hand-on experience via training courses and workshops, with a view to help students and humanities researchers understand how and why they might consider applying 3D technologies to their research. Much of the equipment available for use is relatively low-budget, allowing users to quickly pick up new skills before moving on to more advanced technology. 

One of the MakerSpace 3D printers printing a pair of miniature busts.


The MakerSpace comes equipped with a range of tools for working with cultural heritage objects, experimenting with imaging and 3D printing, and testing computational research approaches. This includes two 3D printers, multiple light tents, photogrammetry equipment, VR headsets, cameras, book scanners, touchscreen monitors, and Raspberry Pi computers. It is a modular space that can be used for teaching, research, seminars, or public engagement events.

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If you're interested in using the MakerSpace or want to collaborate on a project, please let us know!