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Digital Humanities Research Hub

Material Digital Humanities Seminar

The Material Digital Humanities seminar is organised by Gabriel Bodard, Shawn Graham and Rada Varga and co-hosted by the Digital Humanities Research Hub, University of London, UK, Department of History, Carleton University, Canada and Star-UBB Institute of Advanced Studies, University BabeČ™-Bolyai, Cluj Napoca, Romania, in Spring 2024. The series will present a range of discussions around materiality and the research possibilities offered by digital methods and approaches. More than just the value of digitization and computational research to the study of material culture, we are especially interested in theoretical and digital approaches to the question of materiality itself. We do not restrict ourselves to any period of history or academic discipline, but want to encourage interdisciplinarity and collaborative work, and the valuable exchange of ideas enabled by cross-pollination of languages, areas of history, geography and cultures.

Additional seminar sessions to be announced.

Recordings from previous years can be viewed on our Past Events page.