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Digital Humanities Research Hub

The Digital Humanities Research Hub (DHRH) at SAS supports a variety of digital approaches to the Humanities across the UK and beyond, and promotes the Digital Humanities community both nationally and internationally. 

The Digital Humanities Research Hub is the centre of digital research at the School of Advanced Study. The multi-disciplinary team in the Hub includes academics with strong connections to subject areas including Classics, English, History and Modern Languages and Cultures, as well as practitioners and researchers from technical backgrounds. The Hub combines this strong disciplinary foundation with expertise in digital methods and tools, allowing us to make a unique contribution to the research landscape. 

The Hub supports the mission of the School of Advanced Study to promote and facilitate digitally-enabled research across the disciplines. We do so by promoting the use of digital techniques in humanities scholarship in the UK and by providing infrastructure and support for the digital humanities community, both nationally and internationally.

As a Hub we support national projects and initiatives, collaborate with partners across the UK and around the world, offer training and teaching in digital methods, approaches and tools, and carry out our own interdisciplinary research and supervision.

The Hub also promotes and facilitates the digital humanities within the University of London, working closely with colleagues from across the School of Advanced Study, Senate House Library and the Institute libraries.

Contact Us

The majority of our projects and initiatives are collaborative, which is how we like to work, so please get in touch!