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Facts and figures

SAS at a Glance, highlighting some key achievements in 2022-23.

Some key achievements in 2022-23 include:

  • The 2023 Postgraduate Research Experience Survey shows that 84% of SAS respondents were overall satisfied with the experience of their research degree programme. This represents a 4% increase from the 2021 PRES results.
  • The 2023 Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey shows that 89% of SAS respondents were satisfied with the Quality of the Course. The School’s results continue to be much higher than the ones recorded nationally (between 6% - 83% Sector to 9% higher – 80% Russell Group ).
  • The School continued with a hybrid programme of activity which saw 99% of its events programme held online, ensuring continued accessibility and visibility across the UK and abroad (events attendance over 45k, and 164k digital/legacy views). 
  • The Being Human Festival hosted over 285 events and activities, with over 26,000 people engaged, in 48 towns across the UK.
  • The Doctoral Centre continues to offer a successful programme of training for humanities researchers, in particular early career researchers, across the UK and beyond with events participation recorded near 10k including speakers.
  • Podcasts of research training sessions, first posted in 2014, are still very much used today, providing a long-term and reliable resources which can be accessed at any time as an archived resource. (total views amounted to 17k in 2022-23 ; total since 2014, 145k views)
  • The School recorded over 20,000 (compared to 16,000 in 21-22) headlines across media (blogs, newspapers, prints), having reached millions of people, consolidating the visibility of its research.
  • Over 730 researchers (compared to 600 researchers in 21-22) across all career stages applied to the School’s fellowship schemes, through open competitions. 147 researchers were appointed. Meanwhile, the School hosted over 700 fellows, whether as visiting fellows, honorary fellows, associated fellows, visiting students, or research fellows, all confirming the attractiveness of the School’s research environment and resources.
  • Since lockdown easing and libraries reopening, library usage continues to see a significant increase in both registrations (over 14,000 compared to 12,000 in 21-22) and footfall (over 100,000, compared to 70,000 in 21-22).
  • The University of London Press continued to transition to a press which publishes high-quality, innovative new work. Work focused to ensure the School’s open access publications were consistently on key OA platforms to maximise their global reach (with over 960,000 downloads, compared to 700,000 in 21-22).
  • The School’s wide-ranging online resources and services continued to be popular (over 27m total visits, 16.5k unique visitors and nearly 90m of page views), with visible access from all parts of the world.


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