Board Members

The membership of the Board of the School of Advanced Study for the 2014-15 session, as agreed by the Collegiate Council at its meeting on 26 September 2014, is as follows:

  • Professor Sir Adrian Smith, Vice-Chancellor (Ex Officio)
  • Professor Rick Rylance, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), Dean and Chief Executive of the School (Ex Officio)
  • Professor Philip Murphy, Deputy Dean (Ex Officio)
  • Mr Jules Winterton, Pro Dean of Libraries (Ex Officio)
  • Professor Deborah Swallow, a member of the Collegiate Council (to 31 July 2016)
  • Mr Gerard Lemos, an independent member appointed by the Board of Trustees (to 31 July 2016)

Appointed by the Collegiate Council on the nomination of the Vice-Chancellor after consultation with the Dean:

  • Dr Robin Jackson, British Academy
  • Dr Joanna Newman, Kings College London

One student of the School:

  • Roberta Giubilini

In attendance:

  • Mr Chris Cobb, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Operations)
  • Ms Elaine Walters, Deputy Chief Executive, School of Advanced Study