Linked Data

Staff in the Hub have a sustained interest in linked open data and library resource management.

Congruence Engine: Digital Tools for New Collections-based Industrial Histories - the Congruence Engine is a three-year research project that will use the latest digital techniques to connect industrial history collections held in different locations. It is one of five ‘Discovery Projects’ funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council under the ‘Towards a National Collection’ programme.

Heritage Connector: Transforming Text into Data to Extract Meaning and Make Connections - in partnership with the Science Museum Group and the V&A, the project will deliver insights into cataloguing practices that have the potential to increase the depth of materials categorised, expand access to museum records, identify new digital catalogue formats, and cross-reference materials so that more thorough and systematic data analysis can be undertaken.

Standards for Networking Ancient Person-data (previously SNAP:DRGN), linked open data recommendations for interoperability between prosopographical and other databases of historical persons. Ongoing development of SNAP standards will be carried out under the auspices of the Connecting Late Antiquities project.

Pelagios Network –  a long-running initiative that links historical information online through common references to places.

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