We have a strong focus on supporting and developing approaches and tools for multilingual digital research, with expertise in both ancient and modern languages.

CLEOPATRA: Cross-Lingual Event-Centric Open Analytics Research Academy - a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network which aims to explore how we can begin to analyse and understand how the major events that influence and shape our lives and societies play out online.

Digital Modern Languages - a seminar series and section of the Modern Languages Open journal focusing on digital research in Modern Languages and resulting from the AHRC’s Open World Research Initiative.

Disrupting Digital Monolingualism - a workshop and forthcoming report on multilingualism in digital theory led by the Language Acts & Worldmaking project at King’s College London in collaboration with the Cross-Language Dynamics project at the School of Advanced Study.

Digital Diasporas - a Special Collection of open access research on cross-language and cross-cultural perspectives on the relationship between digital technologies and diasporic communities, resulting from an international conference in 2019.

Various activities in computational linguistics and ancient languages, including: Language of Greek Religion - a series of workshops and working groups looking at lexical and semantic clustering as an entry into ancient religious vocabulary; Projects exploring the intersection of text encoding and linguistic annotation for close reading of classical texts and small collections.

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