Digital Methods and Policy

We deliver research that uses novel digital and humanities approaches to inform policy making.

Mapping the Arts and Humanities seeks to uncover hidden research infrastructure in the UK and create new opportunities for increased visibility, infrastructure development and research collaboration across the country. Commissioned by Research England and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, this project will produce an intuitive, interactive map that will allow users to find and connect with research activity more easily, and boost visibility for research centres and networks across the country.

Covid Rumours in Historical Context - is a one-year AHRC-funded research project to investigate the COVID-19 outbreak on social media. At a point in history where rumours about COVID-19 present an unprecedented health challenge, this project will deploy a novel longitudinal study of relevant historical rumours and government efforts to address them in order to assist policy-makers. It will track rumours circulating in the UK on Twitter relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccination programme using diachronic linguistic techniques to compare contemporary data to historical precedents.

AHRC Policy and Engagement Fellowship in Digital Research Infrastructure - a project that focused on the development of a technical specification and architecture of a federated research infrastructure of Arts and Humanities in order to enhance national digital research capability of the Arts and Humanities research community.

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