Born-digital Archives and Culture

Staff and students in the Hub work on born-digital research materials, with a particular focus on web archives, and internet and social media research. This spans a range of approaches including digital discourse analysis, digital ethnography, internet histories and computational methods.

WARCnet: Web ARChive studies network researching web domains and events - the aim of the WARCnet network is to promote high-quality national and transnational research that will help us to understand the history of (trans)national web domains and of transnational events on the web, drawing on the increasingly important digital cultural heritage held in national web archives.

Big Domain Data for the Arts and Humanities - the project developed an interface for working with the dataset derived from the UK domain crawl from 1996 to 2013 (that is, when legal deposit legislation was extended to cover digital materials), totalling approximately 65 terabytes and constituting many billions of words.

Terry Pratchett Project is a new collaboration between Senate House Library, Trinity College Dublin, and Liverpool University focused on the archives of the fantasy writer Terry Pratchett. The Project has so far hosted several engagement events, including hackathons, workshops, and public talks at the Being Human Festival.

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