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About the School of Advanced Study

The School of Advanced Study (SAS) champions arts and humanities in the UK, supporting researchers to demonstrate their contribution to the wider research and innovation landscape, and the impact of their research on policymakers, communities and individuals.

Working through our renowned specialist institutes and centres of excellence the School offers a rich interdisciplinary environment for researchers to collaborate on questions of society, culture, economy and the environment.

Analysing these complex problems through the arts and humanities - considering the significance of factors such as history, culture, language and identity - can help us to make sense of them.

The School plays a unique national role in the promotion and facilitation of research, engagement and impact, funded by Research England. This includes:

  • advocacy for humanities disciplines
  • contribution to policymaking
  • research training
  • fellowships
  • library and digital resources
  • events and public engagement
  • publishing 

In addition, the School is home to a number of national projects and initiatives that aim to develop new methods and approaches for research innovation, and nurture the arts and humanities research ecosystem. 

The School is at the forefront of public engagement in the UK. We have a proven track record of pioneering new models of working with the public and wider society to engage them in the latest developments and discoveries. 

It has also demonstrated the need for an inclusive approach to research that involves individuals and communities in projects from their inception to help emphasise the value of humanities to public life.

Since 2014 the School has led the UK’s national festival of humanities research, the Being Human Festival, which has supported thousands of public engagement activities across the UK, and has gained an increasing international presence. 

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