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Barrel necessities: Caribbean stories of love and affection

Talking Humanities

Barrel necessities: Caribbean stories of love and affection

Like many in the diaspora, Dr Adom Philogene Heron, a social anthropology lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London, has spent several weekends since Hurricane Maria battered the island of Dominica filling blue shipment barrels with tinned foods, dry goods and other staples to help the many families affected. In this post he explores the biographies of these symbolic holders of love and affection, ubiquitous in the Caribbean.

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Why do we need Monsters?

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Why do we need Monsters?

Today we worry about chimaeras - organisms created by combining genes from more than one species - and science fiction writers imagine bizarre aliens on other planets.

Almost every society has imagined monsters, often as hybrids of humans and beasts. This event brings together some of the most interesting researchers on ancient monsters and invites us to reflect on what purpose these nearly humans serve in societies ancient and modern.


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