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The Commonwealth and me - a view from West Acton

Talking Humanities

The Commonwealth and me – a view from West Acton  

Professor Keith Somerville gives a personal view of an organisation with 'little or no relevance to younger Britons'. 

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Kindertransport: Experience and Fiction

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A Home Lost - a New Life Found? Kindertransport: Experience and Fiction

The Kindertransport enabled nearly 10,000 child refugees to flee from Nazi-occupied territories to the UK in 1938-39. It is remembered as a life-shaping experience of the loss of a homeland, of parents, family and friends  ̶  and of the finding of refuge and eventually a new life in the UK. This event introduces its history and memory and the treatment of the Kindertransport in fiction.


Latest podcast: 70 Years Ago - How Universal Rights Were Being Made