The importance of Marine Reserves and Marine Protected Areas – the New Zealand experience (mp3)

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Professor Jonathan Gardner; Professor Bob Watson FRS, DEFRA Chief Science Advisor
Event date:
Tuesday 22 November 2011

The Royal Society - PolicyLab meetings

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PolicyLab meetings are regular events which bring together policymakers and scientists to discuss current topics in science policy.

Professor Jonathan Gardner is a world-leading expert on marine protection strategies and the current recipient of the UK-NZ Link Foundation visiting Professorship.  At this PolicyLab, Jonathan gives his perspective on the role that marine protected areas play in marine conservation and the potential contribution they can make to sustainable fisheries management based on the New Zealand experience.  Professor Bob Watson FRS, DEFRA Chief Science Advisor, then speaks about the scientific rationale under-pinning promotion of marine conservation zones and the underlying criteria for selection.

Further information on NZ Link Foundation visiting Fellowship.