2012: The Falklands Issue Erupts Again

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Hal Klepak, Emeritus Professor of the Royal Canadian Military College, Professor Maxine Molyneux
Event date:
Thursday 08 March 2012

School of Advanced Study, University of London

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2012: The Falklands Issue Erupts Again - An Opportunity for Reflection on the New South America and its Importance to Britain

The current heating up of the political and military situation in the South Atlantic area as we move closer to the 30th anniversary of the Argentine seizure of the islands in 1982 is a troubling event which might have been foreseen in the context of the major changes occurring in South America at the present time. Despite all manner of ideological and other differences among the governments of the continent, there is a level of political collaboration going on which most observers feel has never existed before. The impact of this on the international relations of the region, and specifically on the question of the Falkland Islands, is substantial and potentially worrying.

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