SAS Publications is an academic publishing service for the nine Institutes which make up the School of Advanced Study. We publish new scholarly writing at the forefront of humanities research and our portfolio includes conference proceedings, monographs, directories, reports, catalogues and dissertations.

Manuscripts are referred by the respective Institutes, with SAS Publications carrying out a range of bespoke publishing services, including copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, cover design, print management, e-book creation, sales and distribution, and marketing. At present, we publish around 20 books per year but maintain a back catalogue of over 1,000 books available in a range of formats.

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Orders for titles from institutes other than ILAS should be sent to NBNi:
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Orders Department, NBN International, 10 Thornbury Road, Plymouth PL6 7PP

Orders for Institute of Latin American Studies books should be sent to Eurospan:
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Academic Book Week 2017 Competition

The annual Academic Book took place on 23–28 January with activities across the UK, all designed to celebrate the diversity and influence of academic publishing. Events involved a range of organisations and higher education institutions, were held in a variety of venues such as the British Library, and even extended to social media platforms including Twitter.

We organised a university-wide competition calling on staff, students and researchers to tweet their favourite or most inspirational academic text. Submissions reflected the diversity of the School’s community and represented a range of fields - art history, gender studies, ethnography, demonology, post-colonialism and, not surprisingly, American political history. Forty per cent of entries were for books written by women and 15 per cent were from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) academics.

The prize was a £40 voucher to spend on any book published by the School of Advanced Study. There was an enthusiastic response with entries from all nine institutes and beyond. 

On 27 January Gregory Toth was crowned the winner with his choice of the John Berger’s Ways of Seeing. Originally published in 1972 alongside a popular television series, Ways of Seeing revolutionised the way we view art and in particular form narratives around the female body via the so-called ‘gaze’. It was in this book that John Berger famously coined the phrase ‘men act, women appear’.

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New Releases


Electronic Signatures in Law, 4th edition

This fourth edition of the well-established practitioner text sets out what constitutes an electronic signature, the form an electronic signature can take, and discusses the issues relating to evidence...

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Writing and the West German Protest Movements: The Textual Revolution

The 1960s protest movements marked an astonishing moment for West Germany distinctive for their overwhelming emphasis on culture and the symbolic...

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A Return to the Village: Community ethnographies and the study of Andean culture in retrospective 

This edited volume brings together several scholars who have produced outstanding ethnographies of Andean communities. Originally published between the 1970s and 2000s by eminent scholars...   


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