ST Lee Visiting Professorial Fellowship

Funded by a generous endowment by Dr ST Lee, of Singapore, this Fellowship is awarded to professorial (or equivalent) status, for the purpose of supporting research in London in any field relevant to the work of one or more of the School’s ten research institutes and the Human Rights Consortium. This fellowship scheme is by invitation only.

ST Lee Visiting Professorial Fellowship 2014–15

Dr Imre Demhardt, a geographer and historian with an expertise in the history of cartography, is based at the School for five months from February to July as the ST Lee Visiting Professorial Fellow.

A German citizen and former lecturer at the University of Technology at Darmstadt, Dr Demhardt currently holds the Garrett Chair within the transatlantic history PhD program at the University of Texas at Arlington. While at the School he will conduct a series of free public lectures at the universities of Edinburgh, London and Oxford.

As a prominent figure in his field Dr Demhardt has helped coordinate cartographic conferences and exhibitions and has written a number of scholarly papers on post-Enlightenment exploration and cartography of Europe, Africa, and the Americas. In addition he has helped produce reports on a variety of international consultancy projects including on boundary issues, and tourism in South Africa and currently serves as co-editor of The History of Cartography Encyclopaedia, Vol. 5: Cartography in the Nineteenth Century.

Past ST Lee fellows


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