Professor Margaret Wilson, NZ-UK Link Foundation Visiting Fellow (October 2010 to January 11)

The first NZ-UK Link Foundation Visiting Professorship to the UK was awarded to Professor Margaret Wilson, Professor of Law and Public Policy at Waikato University. Professor Wilson has had a distinguished career as an academic and also in public life being an MP, Minister, and, from 2005-2008, Speaker of the New Zealand Parliament.

The Visiting Professorship was held between October 2010 and January 2011. In addition to carrying out research and engaging with staff and students at the School, University of London and elsewhere, Professor Wilson gave four public lectures in areas in which she is a recognized expert both as an academic and as a practitioner:

27 October 2010: Hung parliaments, coalition governments and proportional representation: what can the UK learn from the New Zealand experience under MMP?
Attlee Suite, Portcullis House, Westminster, London SW1A 2LW

1 November 2010: Who makes the law? The role of the Supreme Court in New Zealand's constitutional arrangements
Inner Temple, London EC4Y 7HL

6 December 2010: Mainstreaming human rights in public policy: the New Zealand experience
School of Advanced Study, University of London

13 January 2011: Is proportional representation truly representative? Lessons to be drawn from the impact of PR on minority representation in the New Zealand parliament and electorate
Institute for Government, 2 Carlton Gardens, London SW1Y 5AA

Professor Wilson also gave lectures at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities, the Commonwealth Biennial Conference, the Electoral Reform Society and the Royal Commonwealth Society.

Visiting Fellowship Report by Professor Wilson