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Equality and Human Rights Commission Project Events

June 2011 Workshop

More information, including the programme, available here.  

This one-day roundtable workshop was conceived as a forum for practitioners, academics and policymakers from across disciplines to engage in a constructive sharing of perspectives and insights related to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).  This Human Rights Consortium/AHRC workshop, with the support of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, involved individuals from the EHRC, researchers from universities of Oxford, Bristol, Nottingham, Durham and Liverpool and a range of policy experts from the public and third sector.

It offered a constructive policy-oriented appraisal of the EHRC at a time of growing domestic and international interest in the role of this institution in advancing domestic equality and human rights standards.  The meeting was intended to feed into current policy discussions around equality and human rights compliance in the UK and specifically the role of the EHRC in this field.  The workshop reflects earlier discussion identifying significant gaps in existing knowledge on the activity and significance of the EHRC.

The workshop offered an invaluable opportunity to:

• Deepen understanding of the eventful experience of the EHRC over the past four years
• Feed into current policy discussions around equality and human rights compliance in the UK
• Discuss the future prospects for the EHRC with international experts in the field
• Evaluate the impact of significant budgetary reductions on the EHRC as well as possible reform of the EHRC’s remit and powers in the context of the Public Bodies Bill
• Assist in the development of a network of practitioners, policymakers, and researchers brought together by a professional and/or scholarly interest in the EHRC
• Develop collaboration with partners within the academic, policy and legal world
• Form the basis for an eventual publication.

The workshop report is available here.

October 2011 Seminar

The Arts and Humanities Research Council, Human Rights Consortium and Equality and Human Rights Commission convened the seminar: ‘Equality and Human Rights Commission: learning from the past and planning for the future as a catalyst for change and improvement’ on 24 October 2011.  Following on from the Commission’s Triennial Review report – How Fair is Britain? – launched in October 2010, the Commission is producing a review which documents the state of human rights in England and Wales which will be published as the Human Rights Review in early 2012.

This seminar brought together a wide range of stakeholders from within the EHRC and outside, and began with opening remarks from Jonathan Breckon, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, at the AHRC and Professor Geraldine Van Bueren, EHRC Commissioner and Professor of Law at Queen Mary, University of London. 

Three panels structured the day:

1. Triennial Review– what are the problems/challenges in the EHRC’s Equality Mandate?

With presentations by:

• David Darton, EHRC Director of Foresight
• Professor Sandra Fredman, University of Oxford
• David Ruebain, CEO Equality Challenge Unit
• Nazila Ghanea, University of Oxford
• Baroness Sally Greengross, CEO International Longevity Centre (UK) and EHRC Commissioner
• Chaired by Professor Geraldine van Bueren, Commissioner, EHRC and Queen Mary, University of London

2. Human Rights Review – what are the problems/challenges in the EHRC’s Human Rights Mandate?

With presentations by:

• Anna Henry, Director of the Human Rights Programme, EHRC
• Rachel Murray, University of Bristol
• Maurice Sunkin, Essex University
• Paul Iganski, Lancaster University
• Carolyn Willow, national co-ordinator of the Children's Rights Alliance for England
• Chaired by Tom Pegram, Human Rights Consortium, and Trinity College Dublin

3. Strategic Plan 2012-15 – the EHRC’s unique role in tackling the equality and human rights challenges

With presentations by:

• Mark Hammond, CEO EHRC
• Amanda Ariss, CEO Equality and Diversity Forum
• Simon Deakin, University of Cambridge
• Murray Hunt, University of Oxford and adviser to the Joint Committee on Human Rights
• Chaired by John Wadham, Group Director Legal, EHRC


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