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Human Rights Consortium Networks

BSA Sociology of Rights Study Group

In 2007 a group of British Sociological Association members formed a new Study Group to bring together people interested in promoting the sociological study of rights.  The group embraces a wide range of rights based perspectives including for example: theories of rights, indigenous peoples, women's rights, social movements, transnational organisations, security and surveillance, conflict and divided societies, migration and environmental rights, LGBT and sexual orientation.  However, this list is not exhaustive and the membership of the group has grown considerably.

The study group held its first workshop September 2009 hosted by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study, from which emerged a number of influential publications. Since then the School's Human Rights Consortium has provided research promotion and facilitation support to the group. Forthcoming meeting and events will be listed below.

For more details see the group's website and the BSA website.

The Refugee Research Network

The Refugee Law Initiative (RLI), the only academic centre in the UK to concentrate specifically on international refugee law, has accepted an invitation to join the Refugee Research Network as an institutional partner.

The Refugee Research Network is run out of the Center for Refugee Studies at York University (Canada). The RNN seeks to generate and mobilise knowledge among scholars, practitioners and policymakers to benefit people who have been forcibly displaced. The aim of the RNN is to build a network of networks to promote