Doctoral research supervision in history and art history is available in the Institute of Historical Research, The Warburg Institute and the Institute of English Studies.

Doctoral research supervision is available in the Institute of Historical Research in the following broad areas:

  • Architecture and planning and the built environment in Britain
  • Economic and social history 1300-1500
  • The experience and impact of empire
  • History of Victorian Britain
  • Imperial history
  • Local and regional history, primarily concerning England and including the impact of towns
  • Political history
  • Religious and cultural history
  • Royal and Diplomatic history since 1900
  • Urban and metropolitan history (especially London) history, including comparative approaches across Europe and elsewhere

The Warburg Institute offers doctoral research supervision in the following areas:

  • Arabic and Islamic influences in Europe
  • Humanism and history of scholarship
  • Medieval to early modern art, history, philosophy and science

The Institute of English Studies offers supervision in art history in the area of:

  • The history of the book

To make an application for a research degree, speak first to the manager of the relevant Institute.  Your particular research interest may be able to be supported, even though it is not listed.

Research degrees can be completed on a full-time basis (up to four years) or on a part-time basis (up to seven years).

Before agreeing to accept you, the Institute will require you to submit a research proposal, so it is worthwhile having this drafted ahead of a formal application. Guidelines on drafting your research proposal.

Once in contact with the Institute, they will put you in touch with a potential supervisor. It is important that you discuss your outline research proposal with them, and that you feel that you can work together. Your supervisor will disucss any further development or re-focusing of your proposal before the formal application is taken to the Institute Research Degrees Committee for approval.