The MRes in Latin American Studies is a specialised degree which provides a unique opportunity for students interested in Latin American history, geography and culture to broaden and deepen their knowledge of Latin America and to develop an independent research project on a topic of their choice. Students receive an in-depth overview of key research problems and debates in the field of Latin American studies as well as an introduction to a range of research methods particularly useful for undertaking scholarly work on Latin America.


The Institute of Latin American Studies is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for research facilitation. The Institute has an extensive range of networks and contacts in the field of Latin American Studies as well as substantial library and digital resources. The Institute hosts hundreds of events every year and students will have the opportunity to work with leading visiting scholars and be part of a close-knit research community within ILAS.

Students will be taught by leading scholars in the field of Latin American Studies.


Our resources

The Institute can offer students a range of resources in Latin American Studies which are unparalleled in the field. The ILAS Library collections, which have been integrated with the Senate House Latin American and Caribbean Studies collection, provide over 90,000 volumes of research-level material. The holdings cover most aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean: the geographical spread covers all territories of Central and South America and the islands of the Caribbean, and even the islands of the South Atlantic and Antarctic territories administered by Chile and Argentina. Most of the material is focused on the humanities and cognate social sciences. Through the ILAS collections, students will also have access to primary materials which will be useful for their research projects; for example, the material of the Political Archives, which includes pamphlets, posters, and reports from every country in the region; or material elsewhere in the Library. The ILAS Special Collections also contain many rare materials which are difficult to find elsewhere in the UK; some items at ILAS are even difficult to access within Latin America itself, and are frequently in better condition than those in Latin American libraries and archives.  .


Degree structure

All modules are core and compulsory.

Autumn term

Research Themes and Debates in Latin America - 30 credits

This module provides a historical introduction to key research problems and debates in the field of Latin American Studies which will enable students to identify promising approaches and research projects in the field. This module will enable students to recognise, problematise, and analyse themes and tropes within Latin American Studies and identify where lacuna exist or where new approaches could enrich the field. It developing these skills, it will enable students to develop into independent scholars.

Spring term

Research Methods in Latin American Studies - 30 credits

This module introduces students to the range of methods that can be applied in humanities and social science research in Latin American Studies. In addition to providing students with theoretical underpinnings, students will be introduced to the practical issues which may be encountered in the field while conducting research in Latin America.

Summer term 

Independent research-based dissertation of 30,000 words (including footnotes) - 120 credits