Professor Sir Brian Vickers and Dr Marcus Dahl refute claims that All's Well that Ends Well was co-authored by Thomas Middleton

Monday 14 May 2012

Alls Well That Ends Well Folio 1623Three weeks ago the Times Literary Supplement published an article by two Shakespearean scholars in Oxford arguing that All’s Well That Ends Well was the work of two hands, William Shakespeare and his contemporary, Thomas Middleton.

Brian Vickers (Senior Research Fellow) and Marcus Dahl (Lecturer in Authorship Studies) at the Institute of English Studies counter that this claim of dual authorship is based on long discredited methods, the ignoring of evidence and wilful misinterpretation. Like it or not, they conclude, All’s Well is all Shakespeare’s.

View this article in full along with annotated versions of their papers from the Institute of English Studies website


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